Not the Booker Prize: Vote Now!


OK, everyone, it’s TIME TO VOTE in Not the Booker. Thank you to everyone who’s left reviews here in readiness for voting. Remember – to be able to vote for one of our two fabulous eligible books, The Dead Beat and Verruca Music  you need to leave a 150 word review here. It’s not too late – you can still do that.

All you need to do is go to the voting page on the Guardian Books Blog (CLICK HERE ) then leave your vote “The Dead Beat by Cody James” or “Verruca Music by Stuart Estell” and – this is the vital bit – a link back to this page (if you can’t figure out the links, simply paste the url – The Guardian site says that you need to post the review on their site, but their review database is run by ISBNs, which we don’t do, so by special dispensation they have explicitly agreed to let us review here and link back here – make sure when you create your Guardian account (takes about 15 seconds) if you haven’t done so already that you use the same e-mail addy as you used to post the review here so if we need to verify the votes are real we can.

Thank you, and please vote – your support was instrumental in getting some fabulous attention for The Zoom Zoom – now let’s do the same for our other books, and show the world at large just what kind of fabulousness there is out here.

If you don’t yet know our two eligible books, here they are:

The books with the most votes from the next round will go through to the shortlist where they will be read and discussed and reviewed in this widely-read forum. Let’s make it three out of three and show the world the amazingness our writers have to offer!

(Go here to see and buy all our books!)

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