Oxford Arts Group

(We have a Facebook page now – do come and “like” us and say hi)

I don’t really know when or how I came across the Oxford Arts. It may have been when the lovely people at the O3 Gallery gave me a list of places to contact about events. It may have been a hazy handshake in the hubbub of an Albion Beatnik gig.

However it happened, Oxford Arts Group has, like some benevolent but mysteriously menacing cabal, become part of the DNA of eight cuts live events. Oxford Arts Group is, at base, a social networking group that exists to support arts events of all kinds in Oxfordshire.

The driving force behind it, all-around arts-tastic dynamo Neil Anderson, puts it rather more eloquently:

“I suppose you could say OAG is a social networking group that’s lent its support to small and large scale arts events in Oxford over the past few years and whose achievements include turning the Albion Beatnik into a seething mosh pit during the African Writing Party and hogging all the best sofas at the Catweazle so they can oggle the teenage talent,  but in reality, it’s a horrible collision of interests between culturally inclined stockbrokers, randy divorcees, talentless concept artists and the occasional bright young thing in a hurry, mostly to distance themselves from the group once they realise what it’s all about.”
What this means to us at eight cuts is that whenever and wherever we pitch up in Oxford, somewhere in a dingy corner of the room there will be a group of friendly faces and waiting to cheer and chat. And I imagine it’s the same at other events doubtless more decorous and diverse than we could ever be.
The group works through a much larger social networking umbrella called meet-up, of whcih Oxford Arts Group is one tiny pocket. To get invoilved, head over to their site here. You’ll be told about frabjous things happening in Oxford, invoted to their own special free events, and have the chance to meet some wonderfuil people, including the remarkable Neil
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4 Responses to Oxford Arts Group

  1. Neil says:

    Cheers luv! (althuough the link dleosnn’t wrerk)

  2. danholloway says:

    not quite sure what happened there, Neil, but all fixed now!

  3. Neil says:

    You coud put ‘broken Britain’ back together again if only they’d give you the chance Dan.

  4. danholloway says:

    🙂 I think there’d be a whole lot of angry politicians and columnists who’d have nothing to moan about then so probably wouldn’t appreciate it!

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