Anna Hobson: Poet Laureate of Anger

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It’s no secret I’m a huge huge fan of Anna Hobson. Since we first worked together at last year’s Oxford International Women’s Festival Poetry Night, I’ve been a devotee of her breathtaking live performances, as sore and raw as a fetid open wound, and her subtle, simple, devastating turn of phrase. She’s been a regular star turn at this year’s New Libertines tour. Here she is at our sell-out Stoke Newington Literary Festival gig

When she finally decided she was ready to unleash her debut collection on the world, I rather pitifully pleaded with her to let me write the introduction. Graciously, she agreed, and I am incredibly proud to be associated with Tales of Unrequited Love, which you can order here for just £5, or as a download for £1.50.

You can next hear Anna at the Literature Lounge at Covent Garden Poetry Cafe on September 15th

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