The New Libertines Live at the Literature Lounge

(We have a Facebook page now – do come and “like” us and say hi)

Thursday 15 September, 8pm, Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, £5 on the door


At eight cuts we love the Literature Lounge and its tireless, Bukowski-spouting host Anjan Saha.

We first performed there last year

That’s me, on their sofa, with the wonderful Katelan Foisy.

For some reason best known to himself, Anjan invited us back for more mayhem in February. And now he’s only gone and done it again. The New Libertines, hot off their sell-out gigs at Stoke Newington and Oxfringe, will be offering their rapid-fire melange of madness at the Literature Lounge (where there will also be plenty of the usual marvellousness).

Rumour has it the following acts will be plying their wares

Anna Hobson, with copies of her marvellous Tales of Unrequited Love

Penny Goring with our very own The Zoom Zoom

Marc Nash with his brand new 52FF

Lucy Ayrton

Feederay Holmes

Helen Smith of Alison Wonderland fame

Sophia Satchell-Baeza from Dissocia

even, you never know, me with some razorblades

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