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I’m a ridiculously big fan of Marc Nash. he has a passion for dissecting words down to their DNA that produces work quite unlike anything else you’ll read (something we spoke to him about here). It’s been a pleasure perform with him on many occasions, where his, um, unique style pushes crowds to their limits (who can forget the moment he lay down in Art Jericho and deconstructed the audience masturbating over him?).

Marc is brilliant at many things, but his forte is flash fiction. Part of the twitter-and-blog-based #fridayflash community, Marc has for a year been posting a piece every Friday and sharing his thoughts with hundreds of twitterati who do the same.

52FF is the result of that endeavour. One flash a week for 52 weeks. The thing about Marc’s indefatigable pursuit of “the (il)logical conclusion” of an idea is that a fair amount misses the mark quite gloriously. But the rest hits the bullseye. And the consequence is that this is, simply put, the most indispensible guideto the most exciting form of fiction yet published

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