National Flash Fiction Day

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We love flash fiction. (and we’re lucky enough to work with Marc Nash, one of the fabbest flashers around).

So imagine our delight when we discovered that May 16th next year is National Flash Fiction Day, organised by Calum Kerr. There is a website here. Go and check out the mission, to promote the wonder that is flash fiction. It’s already got some great names like Alison Wells and Tania Hershman on board so it promises to be fabulous.

Expect much more detail from us and them in the coming months, but sign up NOW. And get ready to come to Oxford. At eight cuts we will be celebrating by holding a flash slam.

Oh, and expect some heated opinions here. I recently came across the judge of a high profile flash prize describing th eform as a good way for writers to cut their teeth. That kind of put-down really doesn’t sit well! Expect a robust defence of flash. And some cracking exemplars.

There’s a Facebook page here.

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