There Are More Ways to Publish, Horatio

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…and most of them have such a wacky idea of editing you end up with bastardisations of Shakespeare that tenuous!We are delighted to be devoting the early part of our Friday all-night session at Not the Oxford Literary Festival to some of the myriad independent ways to publish, and publishers. Here’s what we have for you.

We are delighted that indie author Kirsty Clark will be launching her novel Going Back with us.

eight cuts favourite and all-around legend Banana the Poet will be talking about the experience of running Endaxi, a press that, in a digital age, puts the emphasis on high quality physical books.

We are humungousdly excited that Orna Ross will be hotfooting it from London Book Fair to talk to us about the Alliance of Independent Authors, a new organisation devoted to fighting the corner of the indie author, starting with a campaign we wholeheartedly support, to get more coverage at mainstream festivals.

Dennis Hamley will be talking about Authors Electric, a writers’ collective made up of mainstream-published authors who have, for different reasons and in different ways, all gone independent.

All of the above kicks off at 8pm, but at 7 we have the granddaddy of all independent presses (well, OK, they’re fairly new but they have, since we first set up our stall, been our absolute favourite independent press, and they remain such), Philistine, whose authors will be dazzling us with their work and whose really rather brillinat founder and prankster in chief Frank Burton will be explaining what it’s like to run a press that sets out not to make money.

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4 Responses to There Are More Ways to Publish, Horatio

  1. Kirsty Clark says:

    Looking forward to meeting Banana the poet!
    Kirsty Clark

  2. And I’m looking forward to meeting you too Kirsty 🙂

  3. eight cuts says:

    yay for meeting loively people 🙂

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