Gin-soaked sheets

Think of poetry, or most of the creative arts in fact, and it won’t be long before you see images of absinthe drinkers in Montmartre seeking gaunt-faced, wild-stared guidance from the green fairy. But is it true? Are art and alcohol bed partners? Throughout the finale of Not the Oxford Literary Festival, one of Oxford’s finest poets, Lucy Ayrton, will be endeavouring to find out, and you can help her. At regularly spaced intervals through the night she will be prompting those of you of the age and health and non-drivingness and willing mindset to take a drink and she will then be setting some creative tasks, the results of which she will be collating and sharing.

Just one more reason to come along to Oxford’s most exciting literary festival (there will be write-ups next week but if you were there last night you’ll testify to that!) alongside

– Davy Mac, Daniel Chivers, Sarah Snell-Pym, er, me and open mic demonstrating the ways art can engage with politics

– Humphrey Astley,Michael Dornan, and our musical headliner the fantastic Jessie Grace

– the unique performers from Philistine Press

a whole gamut of insights into teh world of digital, independent, and alternative publishing

painting Oxford with poetry

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