Pretty Flamingo

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This time last year I wrote about Pretty Flamingo, a fabulous shop in Aberystwyth.

Well, I’ve just come back from our annual spring break in Aberystwyth and I have more photos so you can see just how fabulous the place is.

And how super-talented its owner, Michelle White is. Not just with getting amazing stock and laying the shop out like heaven, but (that’s her with one of her creations above) as a designer.

AND the place is the centre of a bustling nightlife that involves cabaret, music, fashion shows and more. Which got our ears all perked up and leads to the rather amazingly fabulous news that you should watch this space for an announcement of a rather exciting poetry slot at one of their gigs in the autumn.

I can’t urge you enough if you’re ever within 100 miles of Aber to go and visit – and take your credit cards.

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2 Responses to Pretty Flamingo

  1. Jules says:

    Hiya Hunny its Julie hows u love the web page darling! Could you let me know wen the new colours of hair dye come in please sweet? Im after bubblegum blue lol just had my hair cut how i want it now long at one side and shaved on thew other! Kool but dyed it black and tried to put a violet colour on the shaved side but u cant even tell Mish lmao! love u babe xxxxx thanx

  2. Jules says:

    Think the blue will look brilliant!!!!!

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