The New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival

Tickets are out now for the New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival. CLICK HERE for details and box office – it’s just £4 and last year we sold out well in advance so please go and book. We have an incredible line-up for this year with award-winning slam poets and celebrated short fiction writers as well as leading lights of the poetry scene from Manchester, Oxford and London, and Stroud.

(Paul Askew’s breathtaking performance at The New Libertines at Chipping Norton Literary Festival)

Danni Antagonist, bard of Stony Stratford

Paul Askew, editor of Ferment, Hammer and Tongue slam winner

Hay Brunsdon, finalist for Gloucestershire Poet Laureate (coming up on August 18th)

Hannah Elwick

Penny Goring, author of The Zoom Zoom

(Penny Goring at Covent Garden Poetry Cafe)

(Jessie Grace [left] at one of our first ever shows in London in 2010)

Jessie Grace, brilliant blues singer-songwriter

Emily Harrison, winner of the 2010 Tower Poetry Prize

(Dan Holloway at Pow-Wow Literary Festival, Birmingham)

Dan Holloway, Literary Death Match winner

Marc Nash, acclaimed flash fiction writer

(Clarissa Pabi)

Clarissa Pabi, 2010-11 president of Oxford University Poetry Society, Orange Prize judge, MC of FULLPHAT

(Anna Percy at The New Libertines’ barnstorming gig at Three Minute Theatre in Manchester’s legendary Afflecks)

Anna Percy, curator of the Stirred Poetry Collective

(James Purcell Webster)

James Purcell Webster, the man who will send you poetry direct to your phone

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