Send a Love Letter to London

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I love London with a fierce passion. One of my recent poems was an elegy on Hungerford Bridge and I wrote a whole series of poems about Old Compton Street last year. I am also a huge fan of Anjan Saha, the multi-taskin, multi-talented poet-impresario-musician behind Dark Fairytales and London Literature Lounge.

So when I found out about Anjan’s latest project at Keats House, where he is a visiting writer, I had to spread the word. With a deadline of June 10th, to coincide with the end of the Keats House Summer Festival Anjan is looking for love letters to London. You can write anything you like, and send them – yes, that’s right, handwritten and in the post!! – to:

Keats House, Keats Grove, Hampstead, London, NW3 2RR

Full details here on the Keats House website

Get scribbling!!

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