Not the Oxford Literary Festival 2013

As winter approaches, our thoughts are alreadyturning to spring and the fourth (yes, FOURTH!!) staging of Not the Oxford Literary Festival. It is our huge privilege to announce our first, and headline, show for the festival which will be bigger (yet smaller in the way that counts – more local, more edgy, more underground) than ever and will run between 16 and 24 March.

We are honoured to welcome to Oxford the co-founder of Brutalism, author of two of the finest poetry collections of recent years, Adelle Stripe. Adelle’s 3rd collection, Dark Corners of the Land, is published by eight cuts gallery favourites Blackheath Books this week, and we will be talking to Adelle about it here as soon as our copy pops through the door.

We have found the perfect poetic partners for Adelle’s voice in Claire Trevien and Anna Percy, making Dark Lands and Cigarettes the must see event of 2013.

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