The New Libertines at Woodstock Poetry Festival

We’re delighted to be part of Woostock Poetry Festival (full details here). The New Libertines will be atating our 2012-13 tour by taking the stage on November 10th at 8.30 in Woodstock Methodist Church – tix just £4. If you’re coming from Oxford catch the 19.45 S3 bus from Gloucester Green Bay 8 – the venue is opposite the bus stop and the return bus, 21.52 is from outside the venue. There *is* a later bus, after 11pm, if you want to join us for a drink after.

(Paul Askew’s unique performance style on the 2011-12 New Libertines tour)

Full line-up
MC for the night, Dan Holloway, 2010 Literary Death Match Winner
Sian S Rathore, editor in chief of Sadcore Dadwave
Paul Askew, editor of Ferment Magazine
Anna Hobson, poetry MC for Oxford Pride and Oxford International Women’s Festival
Anna McCrory, President of Oxford University Poetry Society
Kate Walton, Warwick Words slam champiom
Anna Percy, host of Manchester’s Stirred Poetry
Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of Last March
Laila Sumpton, Keats House
Tina Sederholm, 2010 Oxford Hammer and Tongue slam champion
Fay Roberts, host of Hammer and Tongue Cambridge and Allographic
Claire Trevien, Salt Modern Voices and editor-in-chief of Sabotage Reviews
Pat Winslow, published by Templar Poetry

The New Libertines stand for human experience in its glorious, messy, complex entirity, and stands against everything that is blank, bleak, and brutal, one dimensional or slick in contemporary culture, especially current literary culture. With roots that spread to burlesque, Beat, fin de siecle France and ecstatic mystics before slapping its influences around the face with a knuckle-dusting of postmodern wit and Modernist anger, New Libertinism is a celebration of light in dark corners, desire in the face of boredom, despair hidden beneath the underskirts of affluence – of everything it means to be human.


“Forget the ennui of the 9-5.
Stories of bingo, of sex, knife crime, coagulated time.
Performed with passion, physicality and style.

Let your bones submerge in this bath of finely spiced voices” (Daily Information, Oxford, on Oxfringe Read Full Review)

“a compelling kind of New Libertine vibe, and offer something different – perhaps more thoughtful – from some of Oxford’s more established open mikes. Well worth checking out.” (Daily Information on This Is Oxford Read Full Review)

“a brilliant night” (For Books’ Sake)

“While ‘The New Libertines’ sounds like a Granta style tag for a new movement, there was too much variety on show for the acts to be pigeonholed – it does appear to be a guarantee of a good night out though” (Workshy Fop)

“the most oh-wow-this-is-tops event of 2012″ (Fat Roland of Flashtag Manchester)

“quite fabulous” (Elizabeth Baines, author of The Birth Machine)

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