It’s been a while since we brought you one of our delightful serendipitous discoveries. So here we are. Nostrovia! Poetry is named, as its founder Jeremiah Walton explains, after the Russian drinking toast Na Zdorovie. That sounds like an excellent place to start a poetry site, and this is a really excellent site, which shares many of our ideals. The site is crammed full of good, and informative, things.

And best of all, this is a site with a mission, to give voice to poetic youth. Founder Walton is just 17 but already seems to have himself fully embroiled in as many plans and projects as we do and is clearly not just a talented poet but someone with the commitment and drive to make it happen.. Do go pay a visit. And check out Milk and Honey Siren, with submissions open to Seo Companies December 21st.

milk & honey

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