Self-publishing can be a beautiful thing

I am always saying that self-publishing is as much about beautiful craft and beautiful objects as it is about e-this, e-that and e-the other, and nowhere more so than in the production of art books. So I was bowled over to be introduced to this stunning project on Kickstarter.

Crockett’s Fall by Anna Fennel Hughes is an exquisitely printed/collated book combining art printing, collage, embroidery, and from what I have seen some beautifully executed storytelling. Its central theme, the complex geography of our formative friendships, is one I have revisited again and again, and one that Hughes looks to have dissected with painstaking precision through the central surreal relationship between Poppy and Crockett.

I apologise that I have gratuitously lifted these samples from Anna’s super tumblr.  Do go and look further yourself.


And then go and support her on Kickstarter, and enjoy one of the wonderful limited editions of the book.


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