The Zoom Zoom by Penny Goring

a “lively and original new voice in poetry” The Guardian

“a really energetic and raw collection of poetry and short prose” (Claire Armitstead, The Guardian)

“this is Goring’s show and she steals it with sweet, sleazy, salacious and sometimes sickening turns of phrase combined with a beautifully playful approach to rhythm and structure.” (For Books’ Sake)

“precisely and exquisitely controlled…It has the trappings of dark fantasy, but it is also uncompromisingly true. It is about love, the way it can distort as well as ennoble, twist us from delirious joy to monstrous jealousy with the randomness of a hanged body in the wind. What Penny Goring writes about is difficult, awkward and uncomfortable. It is also essential and she writes about it damn well.” (Words With Jam)

Click here to download from UK Kindle for just £2.10 or click here to download The Zoom Zoom from for $2.99

Click here to order the paperback for £8.

Penny Goring is the most remarkable, fearless, original author writing today. Her work has been performed at Rough Trade, Stoke Newington Literary Festival and the Liverpool Biennial and has made her voice a clarion call of honesty and a celebration of beauty found in the most extraordinary places. The Zoom Zoom is her debut collection.

Reader reviews of The Zoom Zoom

“Reading Penny Goring’s poetry and prose and prose/poetry, is so refreshing and startling an experience, that it makes me think writing is going to be ok in the 21st century. Hers is a voice so fresh and so honest that it is very difficult not to make comparisons with some of the ‘greats’, especially poets. But she is unique and so I will just urge you to read her words for yourself.” Quiet Riot Girl

“This book of poems or stories or whatever they are – but what do the niceties of form and genre matter here? – sings and swears and screams, raises welts and cicatrices of violent torments, shits tears of fury and frustration, hums with the heartbeat of witchy womanhood and big big universe-love. It laughs a lot, throatily, tossing its head back like a barroom babe encircled by admirers all agog.”(Jim Zovich)

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