welcome to the desert

ithili sangre de cristo - courtesy Stacy Ericson, images without borders

Welcome to the desert. You can download the show’s programme notes here. Or you can take that first, hot, howling step for blind.

The desert is a place of testing, of aloneness – with God, with the Devil, with the sound of the wind and the silence of the endless white noise inside our heads stretching out like a drowning pool leaking to the horizon. It is a place of cleansing and rebirth, of desiccation, preservation, mirage and fire. It is the place where we encounter the Other, and the Self, the new, the eternally old, the broken and the healed. It is the outside, the strange, the empty embracing familiar, a place we run from, a place we run to, an endless drum that echoes the pulsebeat of our blood, calling. Calling. Calling.

courtesy Stacy Ericson, images without borders

NOTICES: Please note that some of the material in this exhibition may be inappropriate for minors. It is not our intention to offend, it is our intention to stimulate thought. The opinions contained in this exhibition are those of the artists. They should not be taken as reflecting the opinions of eight cuts gallery, although it IS the opinion of eight cuts gallery that the artists it has chosen to feature should be allowed to display their own opinions without recrimination. Important stuff: each work is copyright of the named artist. Please refer people here and to the artist’s website, but please don’t take someone else’s work. If, on the other hand, you believe that any artist has infringed someone else’s copyright, please leave a comment on the appropriate page and this will be taken very seriously.

IMPORTANT: some of the video work contains flashing imagery. Please do not press play on the film buttons if you suffer from epilepsy

9 Responses to welcome to the desert

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  2. WOW! well – I’ve visited, stopped and stared, pondered and commented on all the exhibits. Now exhausted but happy.
    Well done Dan, curating this lot has to have been a labour of love and far from easy. But it was certainly worth it. Thank you to you and all the contributors. A marvellous exhibition and a great ‘day out’.

    Slainte Mhath! Cheers!

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  4. A wonderful and unusual idea. Enjoyed it very much.

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