copyright Cendrine Marrouat

copyright Cendrine Marrouat

Desert Mother

Joyce Chng
I approached you quietly,
A daughter returning home.
Silent feet, hopeful eyes –
As you watched me with your gentle face
And cradling a little infant.
You smelled of roses, sweet fragrance
Of a Garden somewhere.

But you are a desert mother,
Borne of the dry earth and stark skies
Acacias and palms whisper as you walk
And olives grow lush above streams.
You cover your head with cloth,
Shield from the hot sun.
Still you smile with rose-petal lips.

There was no sand at the shrine,
No reminder of heat and grit –
Only vivid symbols of red and pink.
I placed my offering of tiny prickly pine needles
Next to ornate flower arrangements.
Then, I walked away from the Garden
And remembered the desert mother.

6 Responses to embrace

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  2. Cendrine’s – the photo is striking – are the structures nothing more than sand sculptures – vulnerable and frail like life? The poem is a liberation from concerns over life’s fleetingness. Cendrine takes an eternity-embracing view in this deeply philosophical musing on time and life. The desert she presents here is anything but barren. An incredibly talented poet at work here.

    Joyce’s – this is a reverential and touching poem – the tone is both respectful and sad. The desert mother could be both literal and metaphorical. is the ‘heat and grit’ symbolic of a late mother’s personality. This is a poem to ponder upon, and to revisit.

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