Once Upon a Time in a Gallery

the fairytale begins on February 1st

Ginger Rad Cam, copyright 2010 Emma Dougherty

Welcome to Once Upon a Time in a Gallery. Feel free to dive straight in, to download the programme notes here and acquaint yourselves with the contributors, or to have a look around our previous exhibition, Into the Desert.

Fairytales. The mirror a society holds up to itself. The path a society uses to plot its future. The reckoning a society renders of its past. As new societies emerge, without geographical or national boundaries, we find ourselves returning, making new, reclaiming, subverting, affirming, questioning.

Take your steps through this tangled forest by following the links. Stop and think about where you are going, and where you have been, and make your own gingerbread trail through the trees.

All writers, artists, and musicians retain all rights to their work. Please don’t steal. If you like what you see, hear, and read, be sure to let the contributors know. Some of the work is for sale. Feel free to get in touch with them directly and feel free to ask.

As you might expect, some of the content in this exhibition is of an adult nature. As you never know where the clicks will take you next, do not make the first click unless you are prepared.

5 Responses to Once Upon a Time in a Gallery

  1. At last – the exhibition is open. I’ve read the notes and I’ve been half way round already. Left a trail of comments on the way. LOVE it! Great work – not least yours, Dan, in putting this together. Back tomorrow for second half.

  2. And now I’ve completed my journey through this fairytale forest. I’ve left more little crumbs on my trail of comments. There truly is something for everyone here. So many ways of reworking and reshaping traditional tales from so many talented people.
    Thoroughly enjoyable in its challenges, excitement and subversion.

    Thanks everyone but most especially Dan – for his work and his vision.

  3. Penny Goring says:

    Yeah, thanks Dan! It is super duper.

  4. Frankie says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to open. Can’t wait to get into it.

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