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Pieces of broken bodies fall around me
Like funeral petals
Fallout from friendships
Faced with the nuclear option of my madness.
I gouge through gobs of flesh
That were once lips, dribbling easy promises,
Scouring for something so solid
As a splinter of bone to support my soul.

I laughed and you loved it,
And then I laughed too much and in the wrong places –
And I could not stop.

Down I dig through gristle hair and teeth
Scratching at sinew for a single fingerhold of empathy
There is a solid something
There is a neon dawn a strobing sunrise
There is a noise that is not the scraping of my skull

But not here

1 Response to Petals

  1. DJ Young says:

    This is it – the visceral, the insides of what no one sees. Beautifully hurtful, honest.

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