Live events are central to what we do. It is our passionate belief that literature is never so alive as in the space between one person’s mouth and body and another’s eyes and ears, and we aim to create vibrant, exciting, and welcoming experiences you will never forget.

eight cuts gallery hosts Not the Oxford Literary Festival at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore


Our events take various forms, from one-offs on particular themes, such as our shows at Oxford’s O3 Gallery to The New Libertines, a rapid-fire presentation of all kinds of the best contemporary writing, that we take on tour around the country.

We also run Not the Oxford Literary Festival, based at our spiritual home The Albion Beatnik Bookstore and now entering its third year, a celebration of all the wonderful things that don’t find their way into the mainstream festival.

And we are always delighted to host shows at venues across the UK (we may need help with travel costs if we are coming from afar). So far, for example, we have appeared 3 times at the fabulous London Literature Lounge at Covent Garden Poetry Cafe (and will be there again on May 17th next year), at Pow-Wow Literary Festival in Birmingham, and by invitation at the world famous Blackwell’s bookshop and Modern Art Oxford. If we can put on a show for you in pretty much any setting, just let us know –


23 January, The New Libertines live at Afflecks, Manchester

27-30 March, Not the Oxford Literary Festival:

28 March – Poets vs Proseurs (Not the Oxford Literary Festival)

30 March – All night drop-in (Not the Oxford Literary Festival)

21st April – The New Libertines Fringing Chipping Norton Literary Festival

16 May, Flash Slam

23 May, Our Colloquial Past, London Literature Lounge at the Covent Garden Poetry Cafe

June 3rd – The New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival

A complete list of past events


Anna Hobson at Nightmaring Spires, 2011

Emily Harrison at This Is Oxford, 2011

Penny Goring outside Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, 2010

Stuart Estell and Haiku Salut at Pow-Wow Literary Festival, 2011

Claire Trevien at Modern Art Oxford, 2011

Katelan Foisy and Anjan Saha at London Literature Lounge, 2010

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