Not the Oxford Literary Festival Performers

These people are not just amazing because they’re performing with us. They are whole other lots of amazing. Do click through to their websites and see just how amazing!

Paul Askew

Editor of Ferment Zine

Humphrey Astley

Poet, musician, one of Tamara’s Martyrs

Lucy Ayrton

Co-host of Oxford Hammer & Tongue, slam poet extraordinnaire and one of eight cuts’ biggest crowd-pleasers.

Jane Bradley

Editotr of For Books’ Sake

Joe A Briggs

Denizen of Oxford’s undergroundest underground and author of a blog that is a glorious, insightful paean to punk

Rich Britton

Frank Burton

editor-in-chief at Philistine Press

Kirsty Clark

author of Going Back

Sarah-Clare Conlon

Editor of Quickies and purveyor of flash fiction.

Stuart Estell

Musician, composer, author of the extraordinary and brilliant Verruca Music

David Gaffney
David Gaffney lives in Manchester. He is the author of Sawn Off Tales
(2006), Aromabingo (2007), Never Never (2008), and Sawn off opera  a
set of operas with composer Ailis Ni Riain. He has written articles
for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Financial Times and Prospect magazine.
and his new collection of short stories, The Half Life of Songs, is
out now.

Penny Goring

Unique, compelling, unlike anyone or anything. Author of The Zoom Zoom, commended by the Guardian First Book Award judges as “a lively and original new voice in poetry”

Jessie Grace

Our first ever musical collaborator, whose stunning compositions and unique voice have taken her to some amazing musical places. It’s a privilege to announce we are working with her again

Dennis Hamley

Author of the Joslin De Lay mysteries and many many others, and part of Authors Electric digital publishing collective

Emily Harrison

Winner of the 2010 Tower Poetry Prize, and author of Typewriter on the Bed

Tania Hershman

Award-winning author of The White Road and Other Stories

Anna Hobson

MC Of the open mic at Oxford Pride, coordinator of Oxford International Women’s Festival Poetry Night, and author of the jawdropping Tales of Unrequited Love

Dan Holloway

um, that’s me

Andy Hopkins

Davy Mac

Author of The Homeless Oratorio

Stephanie Newell

Kenneth Pobo

Rabid Gravy

Experimental electronica like nothing else.

Sian Rathore

editor at Metazen, columnist for Huffington Post. Poet.

Amy Riley

Author and host & founder of Brighton Fringe’s fabulous, award-winning Grit Lit

Fay Roberts

Host of Allographic, Poetry Kapow and Hammer and Tongue Cambridge

Orna Ross

Founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors

Tina Sederholm

2010 Oxford Hammer and Tongue Champion

Sarah Snell-Pym

The Purple Poet

Susanna Starling

Musician and host of Oxford’s legendary Queen of Clubs Cabaret

Michael Stewart

Winner of the 2011 Not the Booker Prize

James Purcell Webster

peroformance editor at Sabotage Reviews

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