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JOIN OUR MAILING LIST – e-mail with the subject header “subscribe” and get no spam but lots of info and opportunities, including flyers for discounts to our live shows

you can reach us by e-mail at

we’re on twitter (@eightcuts)

and on Facebook

read what people have said about us here

Every time we find something spectacular, we’ll link to it from our blog, and we’ll seek the author’s permission to include as much of it as possible – we’ll include links for people to buy or download or anything else the author wants

Anyone who wants to appear on the blog is free to approach us

eight cuts gallery is a space for themed shows. We will post themes in advance. Because the space is virtual, writers can do pretty much what they want. Anyone is free to submit a proposal for any one of our shows. Acceptance will be based on three criteria alone – 1. Does it fit the show? 2. Do we absolutely love it? 3. Can we legally display it?

If you’re looking to put something together and looking for other writers/artists/musicians, we’d like to put you in touch

We put on themed live shows – if you’d like to appear, let us know – it doesn’t matter what you do in the arts, provided you do it amazingly.

If you’re a reader, let us know what you think

If you’d like to buy or fund, feel free to get in touch with the writer directly. if the writer leaves no details, we will happily forward your details to them, but cannot pass on their details without consent

If you’d like to host an event, let us know

10 Responses to contact & media

  1. Just wanting to say hello! And wish you a lot of luck.


  2. danholloway says:

    Sergio, thanks – I love your blog!

  3. Simon Swift says:

    You’re doing a fine job, Dan! Are you also gonna publish Babylon? One of my all time authonomy faves?

  4. Madison Woods says:

    Ah, now I remember where I’d seen your name before – Authonomy. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Glad to find you here. I’ll have to cruise around the site here a bit.

  5. Hello Dan,

    Great to find out about you. I’ve noticed you’re doing an event for National Flash Fiction Day in Oxford.Great stuff! I’d love to take part, how do you register?

  6. Richard Ashman says:

    I am trying to track down a copy of Dead Beat by Cody James. I have found a number of reviews but it is not listed on Amazon,etc and I can’t find an ISBN. Can you help me locate a copy?

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