what people say about us

The following places have written about us or allowed us to speak about stuff. We will post to the bad stuff we find as well as the good. It’s only right. Do have a look what people say about us and what we do, but when you’ve done that, make sure you pay them the courtesy of stopping and looking at their sites.

The Prizes

A Jay Adler of Sad Red Earth posted a lovely piece about the Christopher Al-Aswad Prize and Chris’ work

Love German Books very graciously and utterly unprompted ran a super piece about the Christopher Al-Aswad Prize

Arts and Events, the German cultural site, wrote about Johanna Harness and the Chris Al-Aswad Prize

The Press

Mari Randomities interviewed me about eight cuts gallery press

Write Enough had some lovely things to say about eight cuts gallery

Writers’ Digest let me let loose about art and literature

Authonomy interviewed me about the press

Decoding Static said these rather lovely things

Gupter Puncher introduces the press as only Gupter Puncher can

The Exhibitions and Events

Write Enough gave us a super preview for Into the Desert AND a great write-up

Decoding Static

Cendrine Marrouat

A Wolf’s Tale

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