The New Libertines at Oxfringe

June 13th 2011
6-8pm, Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Walton Street, Oxford (opposite The Big Bang)
entry £4
proud to be part of Oxfringe
Come to the city’s most exciting bookstore, dedicated to the beat, to travel, music, cutting edge literature , and poetry, and see some of the very best writers, spoken word performers, and music in the UK today.

Susanna Starling at our event Lilith Burning at the Albion Beatnik in 2010

The New Libertine movement is a reaction against the blank, bleak, brutal elements in much contemporary literary fiction. It seeks to create work that does justice to the marvellous whole of human experience. With roots that embrace fin de siecle France, burlesque, and the most lyrical flights of the Beat, the result is a celebration of humanity that is often shocking in its completeness, but is never anything less than a glorious tribute to a wonderful, complex, impossible, incredible thing: life.
You can read the New Libertine manifesto here. We will be touring a number of festivals with a variety of authors and musicians this summer, but this is our home show and we’re absolutely delighted to be here.

lucy ayrton
slam poet extraordinaire and hammer and tongue regular

anna hobson



Anna Hobson performing at No Reading Alone at the Isis Tavern

star of oxwords’ no reading alone and the life force of oxford creative writers

dan holloway

Dan Holloway reading from SKIN BOOK

literary death match winner, author of the man who painted agnieszka’s shoes, contributor to transgressive anthologies and creator of joyful and uncomfortable compositions

helen smith

author of alison wonderland “at the very least a minor phenomenon” ( the times)

Helen Smith telling her story 'Aviatrix' at the YARN festival in London, illustrated live on the night by Jessica Allan (image - all rights Clare Kelly (


with music from the fabulous Susanna Starling who not only plays a mean double bass (that’s her, at the top, playing at one of our gigs last year) but is host of one of Oxford’s coolest nights, the Queen of Clubs Cabaret

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