This Is Oxford

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Well it seems that despite the fact they’ve seen me in action, Blackwell’s bookshop are still prepared to invite me back, and this time I’m bringing a whole chunk of the eight cuts gallery Oxford Chapter with me.

So diarise ths:

October 18th 7pm, Blackwell’s

for one night only, introducing you to the finest poetry, prose and punk commentary in Oxford (there’s a Facebook event for it here). Bringing you:

Lucy Ayrton, Hammer and Tongue finalist
Joe A Briggs, Oxford’s voice of punk
Anna Hobson, Oxford International Women’s Festival and Oxford Pride poetry MC (author of Tales of Unrequited Love)
Dan Holloway, Literary Death Match Champion (author of (life:) razorblades included)
Clarissa Pabi, 2010-11 president of the Oxford University Poetry Society (OUPS)

Stop press: we are delighted to announce the addition of runner-up in the 2010 Oxford International Women’s Festival Poetry Competition and editor of the OUPS magazine, Maisie Lawrence. AND Venetia Welby who wowed everyone at The Literature lounge this spring. AND Verity Heir, creative writer in chief at Oxford Brookes. AND the brilliant Oxford blogger Ingrina Shieh

with special guests: Neil Anderson, Oxford Arts Group; Clare Waters, performance poet

and introducing the winner of the 2010 Tower Poetry Prize
Emily Harrison (author of Typewriter on the Bed)

with words and music from Grey Children

tickets £2 from Blackwell’s shop, customer service (01865 333623) or on the door

3 Responses to This Is Oxford

  1. I love your intro: “the brilliant Oxford blogger.” You got this, Ingrina! =D

  2. And the rest of you, of course! (Sorry for sounding biased: I was just trying to support my friend. I’m sure you’ll all be awesome, though.)

  3. danholloway says:

    No need to apologise! Ingrina’s blog is absolutely fantastic – we’re so excited to have her come and perform with us!

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