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We are proud to publish two of the most brilliant books of the twenty first century. Here they are. To find out more about our fabulous authors, visit their pages:

Stuart Estell

Penny Goring

We are not currently accepting new submissions

The Zoom Zoom by Penny Goring

Click the image to download from UK Kindle for just £2.10 or click here to download The Zoom Zoom from Amazon.com for $2.99 The paperback is available for £8 here

Read all about The Zoom Zoom here

Verruca Music by Stuart Estell

Click the image to download from UK Kindle for just £0.86 or click here to download Verruca Music from Amazon.com for $0.99 and now available in paperback for just £8 – with the first 30 customers getting an exclusive special edition containing Stuart Estell’s Verruca Music score.

Read all about Verruca Music here

15 Responses to eight cuts gallery press

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  2. To Sarah Melville – gorgeous cover art for Oli’s CHARCOAL!

  3. I’ve just read first chapter of Charcoal – wonderful! have shared the post on twitter. Have said to Jane at WWJ that I’m willing to review.

  4. Andy Harrod says:

    Looking forward to reading and reviewing Dead Beat by Cody. Would also be happy to review Charcoal as well, sounds right up my street and interview Oli with it, if Oli is interested. Best Andy

  5. Andy Harrod says:

    Ps. meant to say the cover for Charcoal is amazing!

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  7. I know that quote at the top of header board. It’s from Skin Book, right?

  8. Thomas Stolperer says:

    I just finished both The Dead Beat and Charcoal. They make such a great reading set together, different literary approaches to pursuing the truth, the nature of the characters’ (the authors), moving and realistic processes of self assessment. I found both works brilliant, Cody’s work very real, even when one hasn’t gone through a similar experience, some of the struggles with self and life have a universal quality, so many details i want to make note of an repeat – Oli’s pursuit of the truth about art, making art and it’s interaction w/ life are brilliant

  9. Just read Charcoal, and before that The Dead Beat.

    Loved them both; they’re very different, but they complement each other – a great start to Eight Cuts.

    Both are elegant books but, it’s what’s left unsaid that sparked off so many other connections in my head, connections to works that are totally different. Charcoal, evoked Godard and Robbe-Grillet. And Dead Beat, for all its gritty realism took me back to the claustrophobic labyrinth of PKD’s A Scanner Darkly.

    Get them out into the world, Dan. The world needs them

    • danholloway says:

      Thank you – yes, they go together very well indeed – and you’re right about what they don’t say – both are so tight. I will do everything I can to get them out there

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