Once Upon a Time in a Gallery

The online show will appear here on February 1st

Live Launch: January 27, 6pm, O3 Gallery, Oxford


GingerRad by Emma Dougherty (© 2010)

The official launch event for eight cuts gallery’s second exhibition, following on from the stunning Into the Desert. Once Upon a Time in a Gallery is night of music, film, art and, of course, words, celebrating the fairytale in all its forms, from the comforting images of childhood memory to the darkest corners of our subconscious, and everything in between, and looking at the stories we return to again and again through the ages and make new for each generation.

could there be a better venue for a fairytale exhibition than a castle turret?

The event’s image, GingerRad, is by Emma Dougherty,

Words from

Michele Brenton, author of the Alternative Poetry books

Cody James

Ray Keenoy

Svetlana Grishina

Harriet Goodchild

Marija Fekete-Sullivan

J.S. Watts

Peter Brooks, author of The Alchemy of Chance

Dan Holloway

Music from

Christi Warner

Dylan Gwalia

Kevin Jenkins

The show will take place against the fantastic backdrop of stop motion artist Emma Dougherty’s exhibition RAD Cam! which runs from January 15th-February 13th 2011.

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