Text in the City

December 2nd, O3 Gallery, 6-8pm

Because anyone who gets out to support us in this weather should be sainted, this event is now FREE

Following a fantastic first eight cuts live event on November 18th, celebrating our Into the Desert exhibition in the midst of Rachel Ducker and Rachel Owen’s fab Metamorphosis show, we are on a roll for what should be an incredible second show.

Image from Liz Tipping, creator of the brilliant calendar Beer Cans of Birmingham

Text in the City takes place against the background of the O3’s new exhibition of Cotswold photography. What better backdrop for a show that shines a light into the dark places of our city spaces, takes us inside our urban nightmare, finding the great, pulsing, vibrant heart within.

With readings from:

Larry Harrison, author of Glimpses of a Floating World, a lyrical elegy to the underbelly of 60s London, a time when heroin was still just legal, and police corruption rife.

Anna Hobson, coordinator of the Oxford Creative Writers’ Group

Dan Holloway, Literary Death Match Champion and author of SKIN BOOK and (life:) razorblades included.

Film by Larry Harrison and Cody James, author of Babylon and The Dead Beat.

Music from our amazing in-house musician Christi Warner.


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