Kita Rope, Copyright Shannon Moran


Copyright Shannon Moran

Copyright Shannon Moran

Copyright Shannon Moran

4 Responses to Embers

  1. ‘Embers’ – The embers of what? And whose fairytale? The pictures are provocative in that they provoke a strong reaction – well they did in this viewer. Several emotions and thoughts.
    Shock – not in a prudish, outraged sense – just the shock of the unexpected. Fascination – with the beauty, with the poses, with the stories and the possibilities.
    Amusement – a suspicion of subversion
    Admiration – for the skill – of photographer and subject
    Wonder -at the relationship between photographer, subject and viewer

    Embers of old ideas of power and dominance in sexual relationships and the spark of a new dynamic?
    A re-imagining and re-imaging of who and what a fairytale is for?


  2. danholloway says:

    Thank you – I could claim that the title “embers” is simply a word play on Cinders (that was certainly the conscious thought – only the cinderella picture of Shannon’s is one I didn’t put here but on What Big Eyes You Have).
    This is what I said introducing the pictures at the live show
    Shannon Moran has taken the female archetypes embodied in fairytales and rejected them altogether – as representing society’s eternal wish to make its citizens behave more properly, to know their place. Shannon’s slutty heroines and Katelan [Foisy]’s glorious hags pose the question – why should we reward meekness? Hurrah for being a bit feisty.

  3. Thank you Anne. Thank you Dan. I am so happy to share this work with you all.

  4. danholloway says:

    Shannon, it’s a privilege – your work also features in “What Big Eyes You Have” – I’ll e-mail you over a copy of the slideshow we played at the live launch

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