The New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival

“a brilliant night” (For Books’ Sake)

“While ‘The New Libertines’ sounds like a Granta style tag for a new movement, there was too much variety on show for the acts to be pigeonholed – it does appear to be a guarantee of a good night out though” (Workshy Fop)

“the most oh-wow-this-is-tops event of 2012” (Fat Roland of Flashtag Manchester)

“quite fabulous” (Elizabeth Baines, author of The Birth Machine)

“Forget the ennui of the 9-5.
Stories of bingo, of sex, knife crime, coagulated time.
Performed with passion, physicality and style. Let your bones submerge in this bath of finely spiced voices” (Daily Information, Oxford, on Oxfringe Read Full Review)

Tickets are out now for the New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival on June 3rd at 3pm at the amazing Baby Bath House. CLICK HERE for details and box office – it’s just £4 and last year we sold out well in advance so please go and book. We have an incredible line-up for this year with award-winning slam poets and celebrated short fiction writers as well as leading lights of the poetry scene from Manchester, Oxford, London, Milton Keynes, and Stroud.

The New Libertines is eight cuts gallery’s touring troupe of troubadour tearaways. New Libertines shows follow a very simple principle – there are no headline or support acts – just a taster menu of amazing performance poets and flash fictioneers performing small but perfectly formed sets to open your eyes to a whole dizzying area of dazzling performance. Oh, and live music of the very best kind to frame the night.

(Paul Askew’s breathtaking performance at The New Libertines at Chipping Norton Literary Festival)

Danni Antagonist

Danni Antagonist is a performance poet from Milton Keynes.But please don’t hold this against her. She’s also the current Bard of the historic town of StonyStratford, and she tells rhythmic and rhyming stories from the heart. Her firstcollection, “Empty Threats”, will be available soon. Too-occasional updates can be found at:

Paul Askew

editor of Ferment, Hammer and Tongue slam winner

Hay Brunsdon

finalist for Gloucestershire Poet Laureate (coming up on August 18th) and co-curator of A Good Old Yarn poetry & textile collective

(Marc Nash [second from right] at one of our first ever shows in London in 2010)

Emily Harrison

Emily Harrison

winner of the 2010 Tower Poetry Prize

(Dan Holloway at Pow-Wow Literary Festival, Birmingham)

Dan Holloway

Dan Holloway’s debut thriller was voted “favouriteOxfordnovel” by Blackwell’s readers, but he is most often found behind a microphone. He was a winner of Literary Death Match in 2010, runs the literary project eight cuts gallery, and is the MC of The New Libertines.

Marc Nash

Marc Nash is an author of difficult fiction. Formalist and linguistic experimenter. He has 4 books available on Amazon Kindle.

(Clarissa Pabi)

Clarissa Pabi

2010-11 president of Oxford University Poetry Society, Orange Prize judge, MC of FULLPHAT

(Anna Percy at The New Libertines’ barnstorming gig at Three Minute Theatre in Manchester’s legendary Afflecks)

Anna Percy

Anna Percy is a Manchester based feminist poet, she has been performing around the country for 8 years and completed a creative writing MA at University of Manchester in 2009 her work encompasses love, lust, loss, losing your mind, the pastoral and surreal.

Claire Trevien

author of Low Tide Lottery (Salt Modern Voices) and editor of Sabotage Reviews

(James Purcell Webster)

James Purcell Webster

James Webster is a performance poet, gigging around London, Oxford and Coventry; some of his poetry can be found here ( and he tweets poetry at @websterpoet. He is also the only poet in the UK who will text poetry directly to your mobile for free if you email him your name and number here ( He loves words, socialism and you. In that order

The New Libertine movement, if it can be labelled a movement, stands for human experience in its glorious, messy, complex entirity, and stands against everything that is blank, bleak, and brutal, one dimensional or slick in contemporary culture, especially current literary culture. With roots that spread to burlesque, Beat, fin de siecle France and ecstatic mystics before slapping its influences around the face with a knuckle-dusting of postmodern wit and Modernist anger, New Libertinism is a celebration of light in dark corners, desire in the face of boredom, despair hidden beneath the underskirts of affluence – of everything it means to be human.

Writing that serves up the whole of life, in the smallest microcosms maybe, single truths told in single voices, but told in the full – the ugly and the beautiful; the hopeful and the despairing; the angry and the aspiring; that wrings art, words, life itself until they offer up every last secret, every hidden pain, every unexpected and delightful pleasure; that gives life in the full. Free from judgement. Free from taboo. Free from pretence.

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