Christopher Al-Aswad Prize Contributors

The content of the Christopher Al-Aswad prize for outstanding contribution to breaking down barriers in the arts is designed to reflect the spirit of Chris’ work, and the amazing Escape Into Life project. I would like to encourage as many people as possible in the arts each to donate something that will be of practical heklp to the recipient in furthering their work. As people come forward, their contribution will be noted below.

This is in addition to the support that will be given by eight cuts gallery

Please encourage anyone you know to give, in the spirit of the award, and please send nominations for recipients to

Jane Friedman will interview the recipient for the No Rules column on Writer’s Digest

Rebecca Woodhead will feature the winner in her column in Publish Now magazine

Sessha Batto is offering graphic design assistance

Ergofiction will feature a highlight article on the recipient’s work

Sarah Snell-Pym is offering web hosting

Bonalibro will interview the recipient about their work, and the site’s owner will also post the interview to Redroom

NovelR will run a feature on the work of the recipient

Arts and Events, the German online culture magazine, will run a column on the recipient

Mari’s Randomities will offer a post on her blog

Words With Jam magazine will write an article on the recipient

#LitChat will run a session on the recipient’s topic of choice, for them to lead.

Philistine Press will run a feature piece on the recipient on their blog

Anne Stormont of Write Enough will feature the recipient on her blog

Anna Harte will feature the recipient on her blog

Decoding Static will feature the recipient on their blog

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